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Singapore Math is renowned worldwide, however to stay at the top, it needs constant energy and challenge – so SINGAPORE MATH CHALLENGE has been born. Welcome to SINGAPORE MATH CHALLENGE, where we share the best practices in mathematics learning and where students gauge how good they are at mathematics. Countries strong in Mathematics consistently use international benchmarks to scale up their academic value. Singapore’s mathematics syllabus for instance, was developed after studying the mathematics syllables of many countries across the globe. We have partnered with Scholastic Trust Singapore Teachers’ Institute (STSTI) to bring you SINGAPORE MATH CHALLENGE as well as training for teachers on how to use Formative and Summative Assessment data to diagnose students’ misconceptions about mathematics and plan lessons to correct these misconceptions.



At SMC, we share the best practices in mathematics learning and where students gauge their abilities in mathematics. Countries strong in Mathematics consistently use international benchmarks to scale up their academic value. Singapore's mathematics syllabus for instance, was
developed after studying the mathematics syllables of many countries across the globe. 

We wish to make learning more accessible, hence for Singapore school students who join SASMO 2024, they can  take part in SMC 2024 for free.

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We are a team of dedicated mathematics educators who want to help students and teachers from all over the world to improve in math education. Singapore started with a very poor education base after independence from the British in 1965 and by 1980, we were at the rock bottom of world education rankings.

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The "Singapore method" was first developed by a team of teachers in Singapore in the 1980s, who were given the task of creating high-quality teaching materials by the ministry of education. They studied the latest behavioural science research as well as travelled to schools in other countries, including Canada and Japan, to compare the effectiveness of different teaching methods. Aiming to move away from simple rote-learning and to focus instead on teaching children how to problem solve, the textbooks the group produced were influenced by educational psychologists such as the American Jerome Bruner, who posited that people learn in three stages: by using real objects, then pictures, and then through symbols. That theory contributed to Singapore's strong emphasis on modelling mathematical problems with visual aids; using coloured blocks to represent fractions or ratios, for example.



Equipped to Contribute in a Globalized World

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Future Ready


Strong Sense of National Identity

We aspire to bring out the best in our students so that they are empowered to live life to the fullest, contribute to, and care for their community and nation. We also aim to enable our students to develop their interests to pursue their passions and fulfil their aspirations.

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Our SIMCC team comprises of:

Miss Foo Pau Choo is Dean of the Singapore Scholastic Trust Teachers' Institute (SSTTI), having previously taught for over 20 years in Singapore schools and then been a Head of Department, Vice Principal and Principal. An adjunct Supervisor of Pedagogy at NIE, she is passionate about training teachers and raising educational standards.

Henry Ong, President of the Singapore Sacholastic Trust (SST), has a rich background in business and education. Founder of the Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad (SASMO) he is Asia's biggest organiser of academic competitions.
Merlan Nagidulin, General Manager of the Singapore International Math Contests Centre (SIMCC), is a talented mathematician who won Gold at the Kazakhstan Mathematical Olympiad while still in secondary school. He is also an International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) medallist from IMO Solvenia 2016. Awarded an NTU Scholarship in Singapore to take his BSc in Mathematics, he has since helped SIMCC to expand SASMO to over 18 countries and territories and start new competitions like the Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC) and International Junior Mathematics Olympiad (IJMO).

All the Singa questions are written by Singapore Mathematics teachers who have over 5 years of teaching experience in MOE Singapore Schools, lead by Ms Foo Pau Choo and vetted by both Prof Yeap and Prof Yeo.

SMC's Co-Chairman

Ms Foo Pau Choo

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Experienced educator with more than 20 years of teaching

  • Supervised teachers in the marking of Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) paper
  • Presented in numerous Mathematics & Science Education Conferences and conducted academic & Pedagogical workshops for teachers and parents
use this!

SINGAPORE MATH CHALLENGE is open to all students from G1 to G10/11. (Primary 1 to JC)


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PLEASE NOTE: Primary 1 to 4 Calculator is NOT Allowed
Primary 5 to Secondary 4/5 Calculator is Allowed


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Online E-certifcates and performance reports are provided for all participants, with each receiving
an award E-certifcate. All Award winners are also invited to compete in the Singapore Math Global
Finals (SMGF) 2024.
Should you be interested in purchasing the certifcate or medal, kindly get in touch with your
country partner.
From 2024, SMC will not qualify for Scholarship Points (SiS) for induction to the International Junior
Honor Society. (IJHS)

Singapore Private Candidates

Registration Deadline: 23rd August 2024

Venue: TBC

Contest dates: 
Singapore – 14th September 2024

Singapore Contest Venue:
SMC is a Paper base competition this year and students will take the competition from the venue

Singapore Contest Time:
Contest pass will be announced 1 week before the competition dates

Please refer to the registration portal.

How to register

  1. Please register as a private candidate here.
  2. Check your email to ensure that your registration is successfully completed. You should receive the confirmation email and the stripe receipt number. Please contact if you did not receive both emails to clarify the status of your registration.

*Important Note: 

  • This link is meant for all students in Singapore.  Overseas students will have to register with the respective country partners.
  • Registration fees will be forfeited for participants who could not or do not turn up for the competition.
  • Schedule are arranged based on Grade and Slots by the Management. Booking of schedule is not allow.
  • Participants are responsible for ensuring that the submitted names are entered correctly as these will be printed on the certificates. A charge of SGD50 per certificate will be levied for reprints.
  • Registration fees must be paid by credit/debit card.
  • An email and Stripe receipt will be sent to you once the registration is successfully completed.
  • The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition.
  • Cancellation policy:
    SIMCC will charge full rate on any cancellation once it is submitted. Any refund request can be submitted but subject to SIMCC management approval. Once it is approved, the refund amount can be used for other SIMCC competition of the same/lesser value. No cash refund is allowed.
Singapore School Registration
International candidates

Refund Policy
The fees paid by private candidate students are non-refundable. To host the challenge, our organization  invests a significant amount of  time and resources, not to mention the various charges incurred to  process the and payments registration.

As a social enterprise, SIMCC operates with a very lean team and limited resources to keep our operating costs low  in order to make our  challenge affordable to all students. Hence, we will not be  able to offer any refunds to students who withdraw or cancel  beyond our control.

If any student has been wrongly charged by SIMCC, or we cancel an event due to reasons within our control, we will  refund the fees paid by the students.

View SMC's syllabus and sample questions below.


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