Singapore Math Competition

Singapore Math is renowned worldwide, however to stay at the top, it needs constant
energy and challenge – so SINGAPORE MATH COMPETITION has been born.

Welcome to SINGAPORE MATH COMPETITION, where we share the best practices in
mathematics learning and where students gauge how good they are at mathematics.
Countries strong in Mathematics consistently use international benchmarks to scale
up their academic value. Singapore’s mathematics syllabus for instance, was
developed after studying the mathematics syllables of many countries across the

We have partnered with Scholastic Trust Singapore Teachers’ Institute (STSTI) to bring
you SINGAPORE MATH COMPETITION as well as training for teachers on how to use
Formative and Summative Assessment data to diagnose students’ misconceptions
about mathematics and plan lessons to correct these misconceptions.

Participating Countries and Territories to-date


Singa Co-Chairmen

Ms Foo Pau Choo

♣  Dean, Scholastic Trust Singapore Teachers’ Institute (STSTI)

♣ Experienced educator with more than 20 years of teaching in English, Mathematics, and Science and supervising experience as a Subject Head and Head-of-Department in Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Health Education, and School Leader with the Ministry of Education, Singapore and International Schools.

♣ A finalist for the 1997 President’s Award for Teacher.

♣  Associate of Teachers’ Network (1999 -2006)

♣ Executive Committee Member of East Zone Centre of Excellence for Mathematics (2003 – 2006)

♣ Advisor of South Zone Centre of Excellence for English (2007)