Singapore Math Competition (SMC)

This is a new international Singapore Mathematics assessment for K2 to Grade 11/12 written by top Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) teachers that will offered to every country in the world. Singapore Math is taught in over 70 countries globally and SINGAPORE MATH CHALLENGE will be the standard to measure students and inform parents and teachers with valuable formative and summative assessment data for them to improve teaching and learning.
We have partnered Scholastic Trust Singapore Teachers’ Institute (STTI) to bring you SINGAPORE MATH as well as training for teachers on how to use Formative and Summative Assessment data to diagnose students’ misconceptions about mathematics and plan lessons to correct these misconceptions.

Singapore Math Global Finals (SMGF)

This is the second SINGAPORE MATH Global Finals that will be held simultaneously in every country that has competed in the SMC in 2022, SASMO 2022, and AMO 2022. Awardees of Gold, Silver and Bronze from SMC 2022, SASMO 2022 and AMO 2022 are able to participate in this Global Finals.

Countries strong in Mathematics consistently use international benchmarks to scale up their academic value. Singapore’s mathematics syllabus for instance, was developed after studying the mathematics syllables of many countries across the globe.

A strong foundation in the primary (elementary) Mathematics has enabled Singapore students to achieve top rankings at global benchmarking surveys such as The International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). These surveys measure how well students at primary 4 (grade 4) and secondary 2 (grade 8) understand, apply and reason concepts in Mathematics and Science.

Mark February 25, 2023 on your calendar, SINGAPORE MATH Global Finals (SMGF), a proud day for Singapore as we share the resources that has propelled Singapore students to top ranking in PISA for over 30 years! All contestants will be ranked by their individual score to determine who are the top Math Heroes GLOBALLY.