SINGA Global Finals Award

The top 50% of the participants will be received an award Certificates. Winners of Silver and above awards in SINGA Math Global Finals are invited to compete at for the SIMOC 2022. Students must register with their school or SIMCC country organizer that will be posted on

SINGA Math Global Finals Overall Championship Awards

SINGA Math Global Finals Overall Championship awards are given to the top 3
winners per grade level from grades 1 to 11 based on the their individual score*.
They will be announced during the award ceremony.
In the event of any ties, we will give the winners the same position. For example, if
two contestants score 90 points and the third contestant scores 87 points, we will
grant 2 overall champions and an overall 2nd runner-up.

Awards (Cash/Package)

• Overall Champion worth SGD600 –
SIMOC 2022 contest plus training package
• Overall Runner-up worth SGD300 –
SIMOC 2022 contest plus SIMCC training Vouchers
• Overall 2nd Runner-up worth SGD100 – SIMCC training Vouchers